Massage Therapy in mayur vihar

Pizhichil  is a specialized type of Ayurveda massagewhich combines 2 method of therapies, mainly heat therapy and oil therapy. Itmainly involves the process of pouring or squeezing of warm medicated oils froma piece of cloth soaked in medicated oil on to the patient’s body and at thesame time the patient is given a gentle, rhythmic massage. Thus this massage isa blend of both the goodness of medicated oil and heat. When the herbal oils ismassaged on to the body, its healing components are absorbed directly in to ourbody through the skin and the massage improves that blood circulation and helpsto balance mind and body. The other benefit, which is the heat therapy is thatit is best suited to relieve pain and relax muscles. It is very muchrecommended for extremely high Vata dosha.

Massage Therapies

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